Game Accessories

Logitech Launches 20-Button MMO Gaming Mouse (June 25, 2012): Logitech has announced the latest addition to its G-Series gaming lineup: the G600 MMO Gaming Mouse.

SteelSeries Launches World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse (June 4, 2012): SteelSeries has announced its World of Warcraft Wireless Mouse, which was co-designed with Blizzard Entertainment.

Iron Will Demonstrated Peregrine Gaming Glove at CES (January 17, 2010): Iron Will demonstrated its Peregrine glove at CES this year. It works with PC video games.

SteelSeries Announces StarCraft ZBoard (January 8, 2010): SteelSeries, a manufacturer of game peripherals and accessories, has the new StarCraft II Limited Edition ZBoard Keyset.

New PC Controller Contains Cooling Fans (September 1, 2006): If you get overheated from playing video games Logitech may have created the controller for you.

Improve Gaming With Multiple Monitors (May 8, 2006): Ivan Berger recently tested using dual screens and found that is was not only easy to set up but it boosted his productivity.

Visteon Running Contest to Promote Dockable Game Boy System (May 4, 2006): Visteon Corporation is running a summer contest to promote the Visteon Game Boy Advance DVD/video game system that docks into a vehicle's headliner.

Bodypad Fighting Simulator (May 1, 2006): Bodypad is a specialty fighting simulator.

IGN Lists Worst Game Controllers (March 3, 2006): IGN has a feature about the top ten worst game controllers of all-time.

Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse Unveiled at CES (January 9, 2006): Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, the leading professional gamer in prize money and endorsement deals, is now designing a new gaming mouse called the Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse.

Philps Wants to Astound Gamers' Senses With AmBX (December 30, 2005): Philips will be releasing a new "sensory surrounding" technology called amBX for gamers in May, 2006.

Nintendo Unveils Nintendo Revolution Controller (September 19, 2005): At the Tokyo Game Show's annual event, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unveiled the controller for the upcoming Nintendo Revolution.

Keyboards Get Game Specific (July 25, 2005): As the top games become popular to attract millions of paid subscribers they are also attracting innovated new products from merchants.

New Input System for Gamers (July 21, 2005): Ergodex has a developed a new input system, called the Ergodex DX1 Input System, that could be very useful for gamers.

Feel the Virtual Ball, Club or Sword (February 17, 2005): More devices are coming to market that bring more realism to the game.

Beyond the Joystick (December 7, 2004): New controllers are coming out that require more activity from the user than the familiar joysticks.

Custom PC Gaming Machines Can Cost Over $3,000 (December 2, 2004): The costs for gaming systems like the Xbox and the Playstation 2 are fairly straightforward -- generally around $150 plus extra costs for items like extra controllers and memory cards.