Nintendo Unveils Nintendo Revolution Controller

Posted on September 19, 2005

At the Tokyo Game Show's annual event, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unveiled the controller for the upcoming Nintendo Revolution. The new control can be held with just one hand instead of two.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said in a statement, "The feeling is so natural and real, as soon as players use the controller, their minds will spin with the possibilities of how this will change gaming as we know it today. This is an extremely exciting innovation -- one that will thrill current players and entice new ones."

The controllers can also be expanded. One unit is a nunchuk-styled unit that Nintendo says offers the "enhanced game-play control hard-core gamers demand."

Besides the controller not much is known about the upcoming Nintendo Revolution except that it will be available in 2006 and use a special kind of disk. However, there are plenty of rumors online.

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