New Input System for Gamers

Posted on July 21, 2005

Ergodex has a developed a new input system, called the Ergodex DX1 Input System, that could be very useful for gamers. The input system contains movable keys that contain macros which can be placed anywhere on the board -- a great set-up for games with keyboard controls. G4TV reviewed the Ergodex DX1 and gave it four stars out of five.

Setup was way too easy (if there is such a thing). Install software, plug in USB cord, stick on keys, play game. Initially, I thought I had to individually record every key using the software, which was tedious. Oh, how my heart leapt when I found the record button right on the pad! Launch your favorite game or application (I played Counter Strike: Source) and hit record. Press a key on the Ergodex pad and it will log all keystrokes into that one key until you press record again. From one key to an entire MS Word macro, the DX1 will get it all.

The coolest thing about the keys is they keep their macro no matter where you move them, and they never lose their adhesiveness! I must�ve stuck and unstuck the same key five times, but it never showed signs of coming off. This feature becomes essential as you adjust the keys to fit your hand. Overall, your intuition will serve you well using the Ergodex.

G4TV said the only downsides were the $150 price tag, the amount of desk space it takes up and the time it takes to get used to the Ergodex DX1.

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