Improve Gaming With Multiple Monitors

Posted on May 8, 2006

Ivan Berger recently tested using dual screens and found that is was not only easy to set up but it boosted his productivity. His article in the New York Times also explains why dual screens are frequently used by gamers.

Berger writes, "With a single monitor, I could jump between applications with a mouse click or a keyboard command (Alt-Tab, in Windows), but not nearly as fast - and small delays add up when you repeat them dozens or even hundreds of times a day. With my dual displays, I simply sweep my mouse from one screen to the other."

John Walsh, a G4TV reporter, told the Times, "Some of my hard-core gamer buddies rock three, even four, monitors for really immersive 3-D shooters."

A helpful article about how to set-up dual monitors can be found at Lifehacker.

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