IGN Lists Worst Game Controllers

Posted on March 3, 2006

IGN has a feature about the top ten worst game controllers of all-time. In the graphic on the right are the Jaguar controller, Intellivision disk and the bizarre Sega activator. If you don't remember the Intellivision then you are probably a pretty young gamer. Here is what IGN had to say about the Jaguar's phone-like controller.

Maybe Atari was doomed even before the Jaguar was ever conceived, but their idea of a controller definitely didn't help. Not only did the company bring back the unnecessary phone keypad-with-overlays theme of the early 80s, Atari also created a three action button device in a world of Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, a genre that the company was trying to woo over to its 64-bit system. On top of this, the company utilized a VGA plug for its controller ports, and the controller plugs simply fell out if a mouse farted somewhere in the house.
The Spider-man controller they listed as an honorable mention looks awful as well.

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