Feel the Virtual Ball, Club or Sword with Novint Falcon

Posted on February 17, 2005

More devices are coming to market that bring more realism to the game. The latest device called the Novint Falcon, is designed to retail for under $100 and enable people to experience a realistic sense of touch on their PC. Novint was founded in 2000 by Tom Anderson, who led the research and development of some of the first 3D touch applications at Sandia National Laboratories.

About the new device, CNET says, "grab the stylus that protrudes from the Falcon during a golf game, for example, and it pretty much feels like a golf club, requiring extra lift in the middle of the backswing and punishing you with a bad slice if you let the stick drift horizontally. Shoot a basketball and you'll feel the ball being released from your hands as you attempt a three-pointer."

Novint CEO Tom Anderson told CNET that the device could also work for role-playing games to enhance virtual swordplay.

Here's a look at the device from TigerDirect:

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