Beyond the Joystick

Posted on December 7, 2004

New controllers are coming out that require more activity from the user than the familiar joysticks. The Washington Post reports on a few of the new devices. One of them, the EyeToy from Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) turns the human body into the controller. Gamers appear on-screen moving as they move their body. Gamers can participate in Quidditch matches or face NHL players in upcoming games made for the EyeToy. Other new controller-like devices include the Wild Divine, which monitors heart rate and perspiration to biofeedback finger sensors. Games likes SOCOM II: U.S. Navy Seals and Lifeline from Japanese game maker Kanomi use voice-command and voice-recognition software to make the game more realistic. These devices are just another step towards more realistic game play. Richard Marks, SCEA's manager of research and development, told the Post, that he envisions the day when his son can simply say "Spider-man" and his son will "suddenly appear in the video game wearing a Spider-man costume."

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