Bandai Namco Releases Lords of the Fallen Challenge Trailer

Still of melee in Lords of the Fallen

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for Lords of the Fallen. It is called the challenge trailer. The video shows the player battling some enormous Champions. The Champions love to charge and hold absolutely nothing back in combat. They waste no time at all in engaging and crushing their opponents. A player with some magical abilities eventually defeats one of the Champions in the trailer.

CVG reports that executive producer Thomasz Gop was inspired by Darks Souls and the Borderlands series. He describes the game as a challenging action RPG with "a lot of advanced combat."

The game will be out this fall for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Take a look:

Photo: Namco Bandai

Posted on April 23, 2014

BioWare Releases Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Trailer

Key art from Dragon Age Inquisition

BioWare has released the gameplay trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition. They have also announced that the game will be released on October 7th in North America and October 10th in Europe. It will be available for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC.

Forest screenshot from Dragon Age Inquisition

The new game is set in the world of Thedas. Players take the role of the Inquisitor who leads a team of heroes to battle demons that have broken through mysterious breach in the sky. The breach has to be closed to keep the world from being destroyed. Take a look:

Dragon screenshot from Dragon Age Inquisition

Images: BioWare

Posted on April 22, 2014

Conan Plays Video Games on AT&T Stadium's Enormous DiamondVision Screen

Conan had one of the best gaming experiences anyone has ever had. His latest Clueless Gamer episode was held at AT&T Stadium, the home of the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas, Texas. Conan and Aaron Bleyaert played games on the stadium's enormous 160-by-72-foot DiamondVision screen. They played games include Madden NFL, Flower and Need for Speed. Conan was terrible at Need for Speed. Conan says he enjoyed playing Street Fighter the most. The fact that he kept winning probably helped. Take a look:

Posted on April 11, 2014

Bruce Lee is a Character in EA Sports UFC

Bruce Lee in EA Sports UFC

EA Sports has announced that Bruce Lee is a player character in EA Sports UFC, which goes on sale on June 17. EA says players will get an instant one-day access to Bruce if they pre-order. Players can also unlock Bruce by competing in the game's career mode at Pro.

Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee's daughter and CEO of Bruce Lee, LLC, says in a statement, "I am so excited about this opportunity to bring my father back to videogames! I'm thrilled that fans can now interact with him in a new way. The EA Sports UFC development team has been incredible to work with, and they've done a great job capturing the look and feel of my father. I think people will love getting a chance to fulfill a fight fantasy by playing Bruce Lee in the new UFC game."

EA Sports also released a new trailer for the game. Take a look:

Photo: EA Sports

Posted on April 7, 2014

Giant Tetris Game Played on Side of a Building in Philadelphia

A giant Tetris game was played on the side of a building in Philadelphia on Saturday. The Wire reports that the building's 1,400 LED lights were used to create the game. The building, Philadelphia's Cira Center, is 29 stories tall. Some people were wearing Tetris costumes at the fun event.

Event organizer Frank Lee says, "This project began as a personal love letter to the games I loved as a child. Pong last year and Tetris this year. But it ended up uniting the city of Philadelphia."

Take a look:

Posted on April 6, 2014

Elder Scrolls Online Siege Cinematic Trailer

Elder Scrolls Online screenshot serpent attack

The Elder Scrolls Online released this siege cinematic trailer to celebrate the launch of the PC and Mac version of the game. PS4 and Xbox One versions will launch at a later date. The new game is set in Tamriel like previous Elder Scrolls video games, but it takes place 1,000 years before Skyrim. Players can join one of three alliances: Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact or Aldmeri Dominion. The primary foe is the Daedric Prince Molag Bal. There is quite the epic battle raging in this trailer. Take a look:

Image: ZeniMax Media

Posted on April 4, 2014

Piranha Plant is One of the New Items in Mario Kart 8

Piranha Planet in Mario Kart 8

Nintendo revealed some new information about the items and characters in Mario Kart 8 today. One of the new features is the Piranha Plant, which attaches to the front of a player's kart. It can chomp at other players as well as banana peeps and shells thrown by other characters. Another new item is the Boomerang Flower, which can be thrown at opponents to stun them.

Nintendo says the Wii U game will include 18 new courses and 16 remixed classic courses. Live recorded music is another feature in the game. New characters include all seven of Bowser's Koopalings, who are playable for the first time in video game history. The game goes on sale on 5-30-2014.

Here is a trailer with some of the new features. The Piranha Plant looks like fun to use. Take a look:

Photo: Nintendo

Posted on April 3, 2014

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