Reports: Switch 2 Coming in Q1 2025

Posted on February 16, 2024

There are rumors swirling that Nintendo will launch the Switch 2 in Q1 2025. This is a push back from earlier rumors that had the Switch 2 arriving later this year.

VGC writes "According to the sources, third-party game companies were recently briefed on an internal delay in Nintendo's next-gen launch timing, from late 2024 to early the following year."

VGC also cites a source - Dr. Serkan Toto of Kantan Games - who sees a $400 price for the console with games at $70. This would be a downer as the Switch has been the cheaper of the main consoles with cheaper games.

A story from Eurogramer confirms the 2025 launch of Switch 2 and says it " is designed to ensure Switch 2's launch line-up features as many titles as possible.

This IGN report from last month also cites Dr. Toto's $400 Switch 2 price with $70 games prediction.

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