Science Fiction Games

Helldivers 2 Top Selling Game in February (April 6, 2024): Helldivers 2 was the top selling game in February according to data from Circana. It was followed by Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

Bethesda's New SF Shooter Prey Arrives in Stores Today (May 5, 2017): Bethesda's new first person shooter Prey arrives today. The thriller has a futuristic setting and begins on a space station.

Atari Developing Asteroids Multiplayer Survival Game (February 14, 2015): Atari is developing an Asteroids multiplayer survival game called Asteroids: Outposts.

Threshold to Make Movie Based on Tetris (October 2, 2014): Tetris is going to be made into a major motion picture. Threshold Entertainment will be adapting the game for the big screen.

Electronic Arts Cuts Deal With Disney for Star Wars Games (May 6, 2013): Electronic Arts has picked up the lucractive Star Wars game license from Disney. The move follows Disney's closing of LucasArts earlier this month.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Arrives in Stores on October 9, 2012 (June 19, 2012): XCOM: Enemy Unknown, an action-strategy game from Firaxis Games, will arrive in stores on October 9, 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Windows PC.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Delayed Until February, 2012 (May 21, 2012): Gamespot reports that Aliens: Colonial Marines has been delayed for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC until February 12, 2013.

Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars Bundle Unboxed (May 12, 2012): CBSNews.

EA and Insomniac Announces Facebook Game Called Outernauts (May 9, 2012): Electronic Arts and Insomniac have announced Outernauts, an online game designed for Facebook.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Trailer Revealed (May 6, 2012): Treyarch and Activision Publishing have released the trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Prophet Wields Hi-Tech Bow in Crysis 3 Gameplay Trailer (May 1, 2012): Crysis 3 is set in 2047 with a devastated New York City, which is contained in a giant nanodome.

Halo 4 to Launch Worldwide on November 6 (April 19, 2012): Halo 4 will launch worldwide on November 6. It set four years after the events in Halo 3. Watch the Launch Trailer!

Han Solo Dancing on Star Wars Kinect (April 13, 2012): Watch Han Solo and Lando dance to a Han Solo song in the Kinect Star Wars game. No Jabba to answer to.

Unstoppable Gorg Game Trailer Channels 1950s Sci-Fi Movie (January 22, 2012): Futuremark Games Studio's Unstoppable Gorg involves using a twoer defense system to protect the solar system from fearsome aliens.

Jurassic Park Video Game Trailer From Telltale Games (February 20, 2011): Telltale Games has created a Jurassic Park video game based on the popular 1993 movie.

Missile Command by OMGPop (May 4, 2010): Missile Command is back thirty years after the release of the original.

Space Invaders Silk Ties (April 28, 2010): Since 1337 makes these black silk ties with space invaders on them.

Space Invaders Tights (January 21, 2010): These space invaders tights have little green, yellow, red and blue space invaders on them.

Save Jim Cramer in Crashteroids (March 17, 2009): Jim Cramer has been in the new a lot lately because he and the CNBC network have been under attack by Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.

Billy Bob Thornton Talks Wii's Deadly Creatures (January 23, 2009): Billy Bob Thornton plays both a scorpion and a hunter in an upcoming Wii game called Deadly Creatures.