King Digital Announces Candy Crush Friends Saga

Posted on October 6, 2018

King Digital has announced it will launch a new mobile game, Candy Crush Friends Saga, on October 11th. The company says the new game will be the "biggest release yet" from the popular Candy Crush franchise. Other games in the saga include Jelly Saga.

King says the new game will feature 3D visuals, new features and new game modes. It will be available for iOS, Android and Windows devices. King also says the new mobile game "adds an additional layer of strategic thinking." It is also billed as being "sweeter than ever."

Sebastian Knutsson, Chief Creative Officer at King, says in a statement, "We're very excited to be launching Candy Crush Friends Saga on October 11th. We've added unique features and a new layer of strategy and depth to the game that will take players on an epic journey through the colorful Candy Kingdom like they have never experienced before. For those who loved playing Candy Crush Saga the first time, you have to try this new game - you will really love it!"

The game will be announced live event in New York City on October 11th. Here is the teaser trailer:

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