2K23 Launches MyTeam Season Four with Lunar New Year and Flight School Packs

Posted on January 13, 2023

2K23 has launched season four of MyTeam. The new section features new cards, multiple new challenges, a Lunar New Year Event and new Flight School Cards.

The season four prize for level 40 (150,000 XP) is a Galaxy Opal Zach Lavine (97). As always there are new prizes for each level you achieve. You'll get a 95 Demar Derozan Free Agent card to start off.

The pursuit of XP is always fun and challenging. However, the challenges you may also want to focus on are the new Trophy Case team challenges. You will find them by scrolling down past the season agendas, lifetime agendas and other categories. There is a Trophy Case challenge for each team. Obtaining the Trophy awards by completing these challenges will lead you to completing your trophy cases and getting to coveted 99 Dark Matter Larry Bird.

Be sure to stack challenges. List all the challenges and make a plan of attack. You can save a lot of time by completing multiple challenges during a single game.

The new Flight School Cards include a 97 Zion Williamson, 97 Jayson Tatum and 97 J.R. Smith. There are challenges with these cards than will earn you XP. Here is a video about the new Flight School Packs.

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