The Sims Resource Offers Free Downloads, Content Tools and Forums

Posted on June 22, 2019

The Sims Resource is an online community offering free custom content for the Sims series of games from Electronic Arts, including the latest version, Sims 4. The site is abbreviated as TSR. It began as a fan site in 1999.

Custom Sims Content

TSR says it has over 1 million creations available for download. The content includes furniture, walls, shoes, clothes, hairstyles, makeup, pets, Sims, and other objects. There are also mods available for download.

You can download Sims 4 content, such as sweaters, dresses, houses and other items, and then make that content available in your game. This basically involves downloading the file and then copying and pasting it into the right folder in your Sims game directory.

VIP Membership

It is free to register to TSR. This also gives you access to the moderated TSR forums. There is also an ad-free VIP membership available. In addition to downloads and forums, the site also provides tutorials, strategy guides and a wiki. The TSR Twitter page, @TheSimsResource, is another way to keep up with the latest content available from the site.

TSR Workshop

Artists can create Sims content using TSR Workshop, a custom content tool for Sims 3/4. Content created using the tool can then be submitted to TSR by members. TSR says you can create any content you want with the tool including "hairstyles, objects, clothing, accessories or patterns." The Workshop also includes a a live 3D Viewport and built-in Geostates editor. There are online help wiki and tutorial pages with instructions about how to use the Workshop software.

Enthusiast Gaming Acquisition

Enthusiast Gaming, Inc. acquired TSR in a $20 million deal earlier this year. Menashe Kestenbaum, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming, says of the acquisition, "We are thrilled to close The Sims Resource acquisition and look forward to fully integrating it onto the Enthusiast platform. TSR is the largest female video gaming content site in the world and is ranked on Quantcast's Top 25 websites with the highest concentration of female audience in the US, closely behind"

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