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Gamers Hope For Xbox Portables (August 9, 2006): Will Microsoft ever bite the bullet and develop and release an Xbox Portable device? Team Xbox has created a mock-up for an Xbox Portable.

Tetris Dreams for Xbox 360 Owners (June 12, 2006): New versions of Tetris may soon be on the way for Xbox 360 owners.

Bad Reviews Could Prevent X-Men 3 Game From Sharing in Film's Success (May 30, 2006): X-Men: The Last Stand made box office history (including $44 million in one day) but what about the video game? The video game actually launched before the movie and it could have benefited from the buzz created by the blockbuster film.

Bodypad Fighting Simulator (May 1, 2006): Bodypad is a specialty fighting simulator.

Rumor: Burger King Developing $4 Xbox 360 Games (April 12, 2006): Kotaku recently blogged about a promotion Burger King is considering that would place BK's Burger King ("The King") in three Xbox 360 video games that would retail for $4.

Game Consoles Going Digital (March 28, 2006): Next generation game consoles like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution are all adding or planning digital distribution and social networking capabilities.

Ballmer Says Microsoft Ready to Profit From PlayStation Delay (March 20, 2006): CNN reports that Microsoft's Steve Ballmer says Microsoft is ready to capitalize on the recent delay announced by Sony.

Microsoft Pursues Kid Gamers With Viva Pinata (March 15, 2006): Microsoft has unveiled a new kids game based on living pinata animals called Viva Pinata.

Vin Diesel to Star in Wheelman Film and Game (March 14, 2006): Variety reports that a deal has been cut that will bring Vin Diesel to both game systems and the big screen in a role as an expert driver in the Wheelman Variety says the game and film will be released simultaneously sometime in late 2007.

Rockstar Absolutely Loves Table Tennis (March 7, 2006): The logical next step for Rockstar Games after making Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, one of the most controversial games in video game history, would be to make a table tennis video game? If you are surprised by Rockstar's move you are not alone.

Blow Things Up in Black (March 6, 2006): A BBC article describes Black from Electronic Arts as "big, dumb and full of guns.

Microsoft Makes Halo 2 a Vista-only Title (February 20, 2006): Microsoft has decided to limit the PC version of the popular and multiple award winning Halo 2 Xbox game to the Vista operating system.

Nissan's Xbox Car (December 14, 2005): Wired has an interesting post about a new vehicle from Nissan called Urge that has a built-in Xbox unit.

Even the Ballmer Children Are Xboxless (December 8, 2005): As most gamers know there is an Xbox 360 shortage that has many gamers upset with Microsoft for the limited supply.

Xbox 360 Crashes and Freezes Reported (November 27, 2005): By now everyone has heard about the Xbox 360 being sold out in stores and about the high bids for Xbox 360's on eBay.

Xbox 360 Arrives and Sells Out. (November 22, 2005): The New York Times and many other newspapers and bloggers are reporting people waiting in long lines for the new Xbox 360 that gamers have been discussing for the past several months in their blogs.

Unhappy Xbox Holiday for Some (November 11, 2005): Game/Life, a new blog from Wired, discusses a recent post on Kotaku that obtained this list of Xbox 360 launch numbers.

50 Cent Game Packed With 50 Cent Songs (November 3, 2005): Rapper 50 Cent has loaded his upcoming video game called 50 Cent Bulletproof with 50 Cent music including some new songs.

Peter Jackson Signs on for Halo Film (October 4, 2005): Bungie reports that Peter Jackson, the director of the immensly popular Lord of the Rings films has signed on as executive producer of the Halo film.

Microsoft Plans Extra Security Hardware for Xbox 360 (September 14, 2005): The BBC has a news story about Microsoft's security plans for the Xbox 360.
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