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Sonic Generations Will Feature Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic (June 16, 2011): Sega will release Sonic Generations in November.

Halo: Reach Arrives in Stores (September 14, 2010): The highly anticipated Halo Reach sequel from Bungie has arrived in stores to long lines. Midnight launch parties were held at retailers.

Ubisoft Releases List of Some of Songs in Michael Jackson Game (August 20, 2010): Ubisoft will release its Michael Jackson video game, Michael Jackson The Experience, this fall.

Aisha Tyler Does Voice Over in Halo: Reach Game (March 19, 2010): Aisha Tyler did voice over for a character in Halo: Reach. She provides an extensive breakdown of the game in this video.

GTA IV Not Big Money Maker For Star Actors (September 15, 2008): The New York Times has an interesting article about Michael Hollick, an aspiring actor who received his big break acting in a video game.

Halo Wars Out in 2009 for the Xbox 360 (September 12, 2008): The Associated Press says to call it a "thinking gamer's Halo.

Microsoft Drops Xbox Price to Compete With Wii (September 3, 2008): Microsoft has lowered prices on the Xbox 360 to compete with the hot-selling Wii from Nintendo.

Xbox Hits 10 Million Sold in U.S. (May 14, 2008): Geek Gestalt reports that Microsoft has achieved a total of 10 million Xbox 360 units sold in the U.

Xbox 360: The Dread Red Ring of Death (February 11, 2008): Veronica Belmont from Mahalo Daily has some tips for fixing the dreaded red ring of death that makes Xbox 360 gaming so unfun.

Wii Outsells Xbox 360 and PS3 (January 28, 2008): The NPD research group reports that the Nintendo Wii outsold its game console rivals easily in 2007.

Wii Close to Xbox 360 in Console Marketshare (November 24, 2007): The Wii has truly been an amazing success story for Nintendo.

Much Hyped Halo 3 Arrives to Great Reviews (September 24, 2007): The countdown to the long awaited release of Halo 3 has nearly completed.

Simpsons Xbox 360 Pro Consoles (May 19, 2007): Fox is doing a tie-in with Microsoft's Xbox division to promote the upcoming The Simpsons Movie.

Halo 3 Beta Invite Inside Crackdown (February 19, 2007): A Bungie FAQ has some important information for gamers interested in the Halo 3 beta.

EA and Bizarre Creations to Launch Xbox Live Arcade Game (January 18, 2007): Electronic Arts is teaming up with Bizarre Creations to launch a rhythm music game called Boom Boom Rocket for Xbox Live Arcade.

Gears of War Sells Two Million Copies (December 26, 2006): Microsoft Game Studios and Epic Games, Inc.

Halo Commercial to Show CG Halo Scenes (November 16, 2006): The Bungie team is reporting that yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Halo.

Microsoft Will Slowly Open Up Game Development to Xbox Users (August 31, 2006): Microsoft has recently announced plans to slowly open up Xbox game development to Xbox users.

Fighting Game Has Unique eBay Promotion (August 16, 2006): A new fighting style console game called Battle of the Gods is currently running an unusual eBay promotion.

Dennis Quaid Provides Voice Talent in TimeShift (August 15, 2006): Dennis Quaid (In Good Company, The Day After Tomorrow, The Rookie, Far From Heaven and Traffic) is supplying the voice talent for Sierra Entertainment's TimeShift according to a press release from the company.
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