Xbox 360 Arrives and Sells Out.

Posted on November 22, 2005

The New York Times and many other newspapers and bloggers are reporting people waiting in long lines for the new Xbox 360 that gamers have been discussing for the past several months in their blogs.

They gathered in the rain in Manhattan, where a Best Buy opened its doors at midnight. They stood in line all night at chain stores like Target.

Mr. La, a car salesman in San Francisco, had preordered one Xbox 360 from a local EB Games store, which he picked up at midnight. Then he waited in line to buy a second one at a nearby CompUSA store, after deciding not to wait at the Target.

He said he was hoping that stores would sell out of their initial supplies and he could make a profit selling his second machine.

"I think I can get at least $800 for it," Mr. La said of the system, which costs $399 in stores.

Mr. La might be right if he can list it on eBay fast enough. Bids for Xbox 360s are climbing on eBay. One sold for over $10,000. The Times says Microsoft expects to sell 2.75 to 3 million Xbox 360 over the holidays. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 has quickly sold out according to an article.

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