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Halo Goes to the Big Screen in 2007 (August 23, 2005): Variety reports that a movie deal has finally been cut for Halo after Microsoft shocked studios by having Master Cheif deliver copies of the script in May.

Bethesda Employees Enjoy Working in the Dark (August 15, 2005): The Washington Post has an article that gives you an idea of what things are like at some of the smaller gaming companies out there.

Rockstar Admits Sex Scenes Were Built Into Game (July 20, 2005): Rockstar's parent company, New York-based Take Two Interactive Software Inc.

Xbox 360: Game System or Home Entertainment System? (May 14, 2005): Every media outlet and game-related blog now has an article or feature on the new Xbox 360.

Majesco Offering Aeon Flux and More BloodRayne (April 7, 2005): Majesco has announced a deal to publish an Aeon Flux video game for the Xbox and Playstation2.

Game System Rumors Spread (February 21, 2005): Gamers and bloggers are speculating and gossiping (sometimes with legitimate scoop) about what the next versions of game systems, like the Xbox2 and Playstation 3, will be like.

Xbox Out Before December (February 11, 2005): The Xbox 2 will be out in time for the holidays, probably in late October or early November, reports Gamesindustry.

Big Releases for 2005 (January 10, 2005): 2005 will have its big hits and a few sites are looking at what some of them might be.

Play Games and Get in Shape (January 3, 2005): If fitness is one of your new year's resolutions and you also like playing video games you may be in luck.

Two Games Power Up November Sales (December 10, 2004): Two hot games were responsible for driving November sales up 11%.

Traffic Explodes After Halo 2 Launch (December 8, 2004): The successful launch of Halo 2, which has already sold over 5 million copies, has led to concerns that some ISPs will not be able to cope with the needs of the high bandwidth using gamers.

Custom PC Gaming Machines Can Cost Over $3,000 (December 2, 2004): The costs for gaming systems like the Xbox and the Playstation 2 are fairly straightforward -- generally around $150 plus extra costs for items like extra controllers and memory cards.

Halo 2, a Powerful Xbox Release (November 19, 2004): Microsoft's Halo 2 release could be the breakthrough game Xbox players have been waiting for.
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