Gamers Hope For Xbox Portables

Posted on August 9, 2006

Xbox Portable Mock Up

Will Microsoft ever bite the bullet and develop and release an Xbox Portable device? Team Xbox has created a mock-up for an Xbox Portable. Some of the features hoped for include bluetooth, music player, video, Zune media download store, camera (VGA resolution), camera (Megapixel+ resolution), IM and E-mail and Live Anywhere. Unfortunately, Team Xbox believe it will be difficult for Microsoft to cheaply bring Xbox features to a portable device.

They say, "Microsoft will have a hard time bringing the Xbox console to a handheld device at a price lower than $300. The only way people could pay for an Xbox Portable more than what the DS and the PSP cost would be if Microsoft offered with the XP something its competitor can't; not hardware specs so much as software and services."

This does not seem like it will be a reality anytime soon if Team Xbox is correct about the price range of a potential Xbox portable. The future is always a possibility if the production costs drop.

Image: Team Xbox

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