Rockstar Absolutely Loves Table Tennis

Posted on March 7, 2006

The logical next step for Rockstar Games after making Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, one of the most controversial games in video game history, would be to make a table tennis video game? If you are surprised by Rockstar's move you are not alone. But you have to give them credit for creating the most press ever for a ping ping video game.

IGN has an interview with Rockstar's COO Terry Donovan. Apparently, Rockstar just loves table tennis. Donovan talked about the hi-res graphics and gameplay experience in the interview. He tells IGN, "These are not just higher resolution graphics, but using higher resolution graphics and hugely advanced animation systems to impart physical and emotional information to the player, so that the control and tactics of the game are more real and more diverse than on current-generation titles. To put it another way -- improved animation and higher resolution graphics on their own are not enough -- but when they can directly improve the quality of gameplay and experience, then they become very interesting. We were keen to test out these theories on a smaller scale, and Table Tennis felt like the perfect fit. And, yes, you will be able to hold the racquet in both styles."

They do sound very excited about table tennis at Rockstar but will gamers be as excited? Ping ping video game enthusiasts will have to be patient -- Table Tennis (for the Xbox 360) will not be out until May 22nd. So far the game has not been listed on the Rockstar Games website.

Update: Here's a review from IGN:

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