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Wii Close to Xbox 360 in Console Marketshare (November 24, 2007): The Wii has truly been an amazing success story for Nintendo.

Study Finds Some Kids Spending More Time Gaming (October 16, 2007): GameSpot reports that a new study from the NPD Group found that 1/3 of kids are spending more time playing games than they did a year ago.

Why So Many Lame Game Endings? (June 20, 2007): A post on Destructoid discusses why it is so difficult to create an entertaining game ending.

Game Developers Conference Underway in San Francisco (March 7, 2007): The Game Developers Conference is currently underway in San Francisco.

Moral Kombat: A Documentary on Video Game Violence (February 11, 2007): The Mercury News reports that a trailer is out for Moral Kombat, a new documentary by Spencer Halpin that takes an in-depth look at the often discussed issue of video game violence.

E for All Expo in October (February 1, 2007): We lost the E3 Expo but now we have the E for All Expo.

Paid to Play Describes Gaming Careers (December 1, 2006): Computerworld.

GamePro Expo to Fill E3 Expo Vacuum (November 9, 2006): BusinessWeek is reporting on news discovered by GameSpot that IDG plans to replace the dwindling E3 Expo with a large 30,000 attendee gaming convention.

Study Finds Average Gamer is Forty-One (September 27, 2006): A new study from Comscore has found that the average gamer is 41 years of age and has an average income of $55,000.

AOL vs. AOL: GameDaily and Joystiq (August 21, 2006): It's AOL versus AOL in the battle for best AOL game content.

Rockstar's Controversial Bully Game Due in October (August 13, 2006): Rockstar's Bully game was already a big controversy over a year go.

WOW Steals Gamer Time From PC and Video Games (July 25, 2006): In a recent interview on Gamasutra, Age of Empires co-creator and Iron Lore co-founder Brian Sullivan calls World of Warcraft the biggest threat to retail PC Games.

Mark Rein Warns Against Serial Video Games (July 14, 2006): The BBC reports that Mark Rein, vice president of Epic, makers of Unreal Tournament, has warned against the idea of serial games.

Fashion Retailer to Open Second Life Store (June 20, 2006): Now even real retailers are building stores inside the popular Second Life persistent online world.

The Game Innovation Database (May 24, 2006): The BBC reports on a new Wikipedia-like site called the Game Innovation Database (GIDb) that is trying to classify and record every innovation in the entire history of computer and videogames.

Microsoft Acquires Massive Incorporated (May 5, 2006): Forbes reports that Microsoft has acquired Massive Incorproated, a company that places advertisements in video games.

ESRA Launches Video Game Voters Network (March 21, 2006): Punch Jump reports that the ESRA has launched a political network targed at video gamers called the Video Game Voters Network.

Ballmer Says Microsoft Ready to Profit From PlayStation Delay (March 20, 2006): CNN reports that Microsoft's Steve Ballmer says Microsoft is ready to capitalize on the recent delay announced by Sony.

Red Cross Says Its Emblem Being Misused in Games (February 8, 2006): The Red Cross is upset at the way its emblem is being used in video games.

Top Ten Bestselling Games of 2005 (February 3, 2006): The NPD Group has reported the bestselling titles of 2005.
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