GamePro Expo to Fill E3 Expo Vacuum

Posted on November 9, 2006

BusinessWeek is reporting on news discovered by GameSpot that IDG plans to replace the dwindling E3 Expo with a large 30,000 attendee gaming convention. The target date is October, 2007.
Speaking to Next-Gen, a clearly excited source closely related to the event (who opted to remain anonymous) all but confirmed the GamePro Expo. However, the source stopped short of complete confirmation, as official word regarding the event is very likely to surface by the end of the week [An IDG rep indicated to Next-Gen that an official announcement is due next week. - Ed].

According to GameSpot's report, the L.A. Convention and Visitors Bureau expects 30,000 attendees initially, with growth expected. E3 2006 hosted around 60,000 members of the gaming community. GamePro Expo will reportedly take place at the L.A. Convention Center, big E3's old stomping grounds, on October 18, 19 and 20, 2007.

GamePro Expo is also expected to host trade show, consumer and competitive gaming aspects, with gaming competitions possibly taking place in the Staples Center.
It was weird that E3 basically backed out hosting another big convention. Hopefully, this new one from GamePro will be able to deliver. More on the possible GamePro convention here on

With all the interest in video games it is hard to believe that it is so difficult for at least one major gaming expo to succeed.
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