Rockstar's Controversial Bully Game Due in October

Posted on August 13, 2006

Rockstar Bully Game

Rockstar's Bully game was already a big controversy over a year go. In Bully, gamers play a troublesome schoolboy named Jimmy Hopkins, a teenager who's been expelled from every school he's ever attended. In the game Hopkins stands up to bullies, gets picked on by teachers, plays pranks on other kids and flirts with girls all while attending Bullworth Academy.

Rockstar's attempt to soften up critics with Table Tennis apparently hasn't worked. Bully still has plenty of critics as its October, 2006 release date approaches. CNN's Lou Dobbs calls it "another disturbing example of our culture in decline."

The Washington Post says the biggest critic of Bully is Florida lawyer Jack Thompson. Techdirt suggests that Rockstar should pay Jack Thompson money for all the extra marketing he does for them with his rants against their video games. Is this a game parents and parental groups should be outraged about or are they really just still angry at Rockstar because of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?

Image: Rockstar Games