Moral Kombat: A Documentary on Video Game Violence

Posted on February 11, 2007

The Mercury News reports that a trailer is out for Moral Kombat, a new documentary by Spencer Halpin that takes an in-depth look at the often discussed issue of video game violence.

Spencer Halpin has been working on Moral Kombat, a documentary on video game violence, for a long time. He's finished the film and has posted this trailer for it on YouTube. Spence, the brother of Entertainment Consumers Association founder Hal Halpin, interviewed me for this film a while back at the Dice Summit in Las Vegas with a green screen behind me. I talked about the loss of my brother to real-life violence and how I can reconcile that with playing violent games. He's made the film a visual wonder by splicing in game footage in the background behind the interviewees. What's cool is not just the discussion but the melding of visual images that relate to what the interviewees are saying.
Joystiq hopes the documentary carries a balanced tone. GamePolitics has more background on the documentary. They say Spencer Halpin has been working on Moral Kombat for the past years and the budget was around $1 million. Here is the trailer for the documentary.

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