Racing Games

Electronic Arts Announces Need for Speed Payback (June 3, 2017): Electronics Arts has announced the Need for Speed Payback Video Game

Avalanche Studios Postpones Mad Max Game Until 2015, Releases New Trailer (April 25, 2014): Avalanche Studios has postponed the Mad Max video game until 2015. A new trailer was also released.

Project Cars Trailer Shows Off Amazing Graphics (April 24, 2014): There are some incredibly detailed graphics of racecars in this Project Cars trailer.

Christina Hendricks Makes Video Game Debut in EA's Need for Speed The Run (October 19, 2011):

Video: A Look at the Characters in Fireburst (June 5, 2011):

GTA IV: Huge Sales, Big Controversy (May 1, 2008):

Games Make Teens Drive Badly? (January 3, 2007):

Ricky Bobby's Fast Track (August 7, 2006):

Brad Coleman Credits Video Games for Racing Success (July 5, 2006):

Dodge Advergame: Hemi Highway (November 9, 2005):

Lindsay Lohan Appears in New Herbie Game (July 13, 2005):

Bizarre Online and the Real Screenshot (July 8, 2005):

Crazy Frog: From Annoying Ringtone to Racing Game (July 7, 2005):

Pimp My Ride Crew to Star in New MTV Game (June 30, 2005):

Young Actors Star in New Urban Combat Racing Game (April 12, 2005):
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