GTA IV: Huge Sales, Big Controversy

Posted on May 1, 2008

The reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV have been very good. CNN reports that sales are expected to be huge - $400 million in the first week. The game may even dent Iron Man's box office take.

Surely GTA IV gamers will take a break to see Iron Man? Reviewers are applauding the game and gamers are engaging in hours-long GTA IV play but not everyone is pleased with the new game. MADD has already come out against the game. They are angry about a drunk driving scene in the game.

MADD likely won't the last organization to complain about the game and call for an AO ratings upgrade. GTA IV thrives on controversy and hype so while MADD has a valid concern this will probably only help sales of game. The hype is huge enough that even The Daily Show weighed in. The only thing that might hurt sales is how annoying and widespread these reported glitches turn out to be.

GTA IV Screenshots

Photo: Rockstar Games