Games Make Teens Drive Badly?

Posted on January 3, 2007

A New Zealand article says a transport spokesman in New Zealand has blamed video games for increasing driving stupidity and reckless driving behavior in teenagers.
Three Auckland teenagers were killed when the vehicle they were in crashed off the Northwestern Motorway in Auckland during a high-speed police pursuit on Christmas Eve.

National's transport spokesman Maurice Williamson says today's young people think they are bullet-proof. He blames Playstations and X-boxes for making teens think they can drive stupidly and just push the reset button if anything goes wrong.

Mr Williamson believes 15 is far too young to be behind the wheel of a car.
Teens are already known for lacking judgement. There is also plenty of evidence that teens have been driving badly and getting into more traffic accidents than adults long before there were any video games at all. Surely most teens are well aware that they can't reset real life.

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