Mariah Carey Battles Dragon in Game of War: Fire Age Ad

Posted on October 8, 2015

Mariah Carey appears in a new ad for the mobile game, Game of War: Fire Age. The ad is called "Hero" and part of Mariah's hit song, "Hero," can be heard in the ad.

Mariah Carey takes over for Kate Upton who appeared in a campaign for Game of War earlier this year. An army is struggling in a battle against a fire-breathing dragon. The soldiers presses a "Help" button on a smartphone to call on a hero. After pressing the button we hear Mariah sing the words, "...and then a hero comes along" from her song "Here."

Three heroes emerge as the soldier presses the button multiple times. They look brave and strong but it is Mariah herself who takes out the dragon with a fierce looking crossbow. She says, "It's time to be heroes guys," and leads them in a charge.

It is a highly entertaining ad. Take a look:

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