Game of War's Kate Upton Campaign Cost $40 Million

Posted on March 17, 2015

Machine Zone, Inc. launched a campaign featuring model Kate Upton late last year for its mobile game, Game of War - Fire Age. The campaign included a Super Bowl ad with Kate donning battle armor and riding a horse into battle.

Bloomberg reports that Machine Zone spent $40 million on its campaign featuring Kate Upton. The ad campaign appears to have worked because Game of War is bringing in over $1 million in revenues per day according to the article. The game makes money from in-app products which can range in price from $4.99 to $99.99 per item.

In the Super Bowl ad, Kate issues the following challenge: "The thing about empires, the bigger you build them the more your enemies want to knock them down. Let them have their fun. You and I will revisit them soon enough. Do you want to come and play?"

Kate also can be seen encouraging her troops to be brave and fight an enormous minotaur that is about to burst out from a forest in another ad called "Reputation." The troops look frightened but Kate is not and she leads the charge.

Kate also helps slay a dragon in another trailer for the game. A few more Kate Upton ads for Game of War can be found on the game's YouTube channel.

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