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Pikmin 4 Humming Trailer (June 24, 2024): Here is a teaser trailer for Pikmin 4 that features a lot of humming. It also shows a space dog called Oatchi.

Madden 25 Official Reveal Trailer (June 22, 2024): Electronic Arts has released the Official Reveal Trailer. We see a lot of crisp looking breaking running backs.

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Launch Trailer Video (June 21, 2024): The official launch trailer for Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree is here. We see dangerous plants, huge horse-riding skeletons, enormous swords, magic and more.

Metal Slug Attack Reloaded Launch Trailer (June 20, 2024): Metal Slug Attack Reloaded returns as a tower defense game. It retains its 2D pixel look.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Official Trailer (April 29, 2024): Dragon's Dogma 2 has arrived. This trailer shows many threats to adventurers including dragons, trolls and giants.

Pinball Masters Official Game Trailer Video (February 14, 2024): This cool looking mobile Pinball game is available from Netflix. We like the animations of King Kong, Godzilla and other monsters.

Jack Black Really Loves Peaches (June 7, 2023): Jack Black really, really, really loves Peaches. He pours his heart out to her as Bowser in this music video for The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Video: Mario Golf: Super Rush Trailer (May 14, 2022): Mario Golf Super Rush is a new entry in the Mario golfing series for Nintendo Switch.. Features of the new game include Story Mode and Speed Golf.

Video: Google Launches Wimbledon Tennis Game (July 11, 2019): Google has a tennis game available for people searching Wimbledon on its search engine. You play against a computer opponent.

Video: Rovio Announces Angry Birds Piglantis (June 27, 2012): Rovio has announced an Atlantis styled version of Angry Birds called Piglantis. It has 30 water levels.

Disney-Pixar's Brave Video Game Announcement Trailer (May 20, 2012): Disney has released the first trailer for its upcoming video game, Brave, which is based on the Disney-Pixar movie.

Disney's Swampy Where's My Water App Now Available for Android (December 6, 2011): Disney's Swampy is always searching for water.

Portal 2 Named Ultimate Game at Golden Joystick Awards (October 22, 2011): Portal 2 was the big winner at the Golden Joystick Awards. It was named the Ultimate Game.

QWOP is an Absurd Flash Game (August 17, 2011): QWOP is a ridiculously hard running game. We wish you luck in your frustrating endeavor to master this game.

Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka Dresses as Pig at Webby Awards (June 14, 2011): Angry Birds won an award for Best Mobile Game at the 15th annual Webby Awards.

Annie Leung Holds Guitar Hero III Record for a Female Gamer (January 29, 2011): Annie Leung holds the highest score on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock by a female gamer with a score of 789,349.

Seth Rogen to Blame for Lack of Green Hornet Video Game (January 14, 2011): It is all Seth Rogen's fault that there is not a Green Hornet video game. He didn't want to spend the energy on it.

Shaun White Launches Skateboarding Video Game (November 19, 2010): Shaun White has launched a skateboarding game called Shaun White Skateboarding. It includes skateboarding while avoiding obstacles.

Video: Preview of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (July 3, 2010): Neversoft Project Director Brian Bright discusses the latest version of Guitar Hero. It is called Warriors of Rock.

Tickle a Tiger in Kinectimals Game (June 18, 2010): You can tickle animals like tigers in the new Kincetimals game that uses Microsoft Kinect.

Marisa Miller's Banned Guitar Hero Ad (June 16, 2010): Marisa MIller had an ad for Guitar Hero that was reportedly banned in the U.S. This ad did run outside the U.S.

Video: Billy Bob Thornton Talks Wii's Deadly Creatures (January 23, 2009): Billy Bob Thornton plays both a scorpion and a hunter in an upcoming Wii game called Deadly Creatures.

Video: Pong on a Whiteboard (November 6, 2008): Here's a video of two people playing pong on a whiteboard.

Heidi Klum is a Guitar Hero (November 4, 2008): Heidi Klum channels Risky Business in a new commercial for the Guitar Hero: World Tour video game.

Video: Tiger Woods Walks on Water in PGA Tour 08 (September 18, 2008): Electronic Arts responded with this video of Tiger Woods walking on water when Levinator25 reported he had found a glitch in the game that showed Tiger Woods walking on water.

Crazy Frog: From Annoying Ringtone to Racing Game (July 7, 2005): Crazy Frog was an annoying ringtone that was very popular in the UK. It is now a racing video game.
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