Dead Rising Zombie Game Not Banned in Germany

Posted on July 24, 2006

Dead Rising ScreenshotEarly reports, like this one from Gaming Horizon, indicated that Dead Rising, a zombie game that takes place in a small town, was going to be banned in Germany.
Capcom's upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive, Dead Rising, a free-roaming(ish) zombie-blasting game that sets you in a small town completely overrun with zombies and lets you use anything as a weapon (hedge trimmers, park benches), has been denied release in Germany. Ever the symbol for "cute and cuddly," Germany's government feels the game is a tad too violent.
Video Gamer sets the story straight and cites publisher Capcom who says there is no German ban.
"The game has not been banned in Germany. It is scheduled for release on September 8," a Capcom US rep told 1up. So there you have it. Xbox 360 owners residing in Germany can look forward to some zombie-slaying action just like the rest of us.
A Gamespy review has found some violence in the game for horror fans. Gamespy also notes how the game offers a wide variety of weapons choices beyond the typical hockey sticks, bats, chainsaws and axes.
While there are plenty of missions to keep you busy, this game is, at its heart, all about killing zombies in the goriest manner possible. To that end, you'll be able to pick up just about anything lying around the mall and wield it as a weapon. And when I say anything, I mean anything. Getting near an object will bring up a small icon (mapped to the B button) which indicates that it can be picked up by Frank. We killed zombies with everything from cash registers and sledge hammers to propane tanks and handguns. Oh, and coat hangers, mannequins, planters, boomerangs, and zombie limbs, too. There are a lot more deadly options lying around, but isn't it more fun to find out for yourself?
However, Dead Rising doesn't appear to be stirring up parental and congressional complaints like Stubbs the Zombie did. The Stubbs game caused a stir last year with its zombie cannibalism. More about the game can be found on the game's official Facebook page. Dead Rising carries a Mature rating.