Bethesda's New SF Shooter Prey Arrives in Stores Today

Posted on May 5, 2017

Bethesda's new major video game release, Prey, arrives in stores today, 5-5. The first person shooter is a science fiction thriller. Things are not going your way at all in Prey. You wake up on space station orbiting the moon. The year is 2032. Your space station, Talos, is being overrun by aliens.

You were also part of an experiment to alter humanity. This is part of the reason the aliens have invested Talos. The aliens are hunting you and want to annihilate you, but you have left some clues behind for yourself and there are weapons. Polygon has a good walkthrough here for beginners.

In this trailer (released late last year) some are commenting about how tasty the coffee looks. It does look good and you may want a cup after watching.

Take a look:

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