Activision Launches Wappy Dog, a Video Game Controlled Pet for Nintendo DS

Posted on November 8, 2011

Activision Publishing's Wappy Dog arrives on store shelves today. Developed by SEGA TOYS, Wappy Dog combines a virtual pet with a physical toy. The electronic toy dog and Nintendo DS videogame dog communicate with one another via sound.

David Oxford, Activision Publishing, says, "With the arrival of Wappy, the idea that videogames are a separate experience from toys is forever changed. Now, we have a future ahead which brings together the virtual and physical world, in a fun-filled and family friendly pet pastime."

Players raise Wappy through five distinct age phases, from playful puppy to full-grown pooch. The game will translate Wappy's 350 dynamic barked responses. Wappy Dog costs $49.99. Take a look:

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