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Here are the latest posts about Grand Theft Auto on Gamers Game:

Grand Theft Auto V Makes $800 Million in First 24 Hours : Grand Theft Auto V made $800 million for Take-Two in its first 24 hours of (September 19, 2013)

GTA IV Not Big Money Maker For Star Actors: The New York Times has an interesting article about Michael Hollick, an aspiring actor who received his big break acting in a video game. (September 15, 2008)

GTA IV: Huge Sales, Big Controversy: The reviews for Grand Theft Auto IV have been very good. (May 1, 2008)

Gamers Love Playing the Bad Guy: A new survey has found that teens love to play the villain in games. (November 1, 2005)

Grand Theft Auto Sales to Resume: Rockstar Games will begin selling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas again on October 18th for the Xbox and PS2. (September 25, 2005)

Aussies Ban Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Australia isn't bothering with changing the game ratings on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas -- they are simply banning the game outright. (July 29, 2005)

House Seeks Federal Investigation of Rockstar: Rockstar's problems from the explicit sex acts that were hidding inside Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas seem to be increasing each day. (July 26, 2005)

Grant Theft Auto Creator Developing MMORPG: Webzen, Inc. (March 9, 2005)

Video Game Award Winners Announced: The winners of Spike TV's 2004 Video Game Awards have been announced. (December 16, 2004)