The Best Gamer Fatal1ty Has Creative Labs Endorsement Deal

Posted on January 28, 2005

The BBC has an interesting article about Jonathan Wendel who is considered the best PC gamer in the world. Wendel, who goes by the gaming handle Fatal1ty, is called the "golden boy" star of first person shooter (FPS) games in the article. The BBC says Fatal1ty wants a new kind of sports star to emerge known as e-sportsmen or e-sportswomen. Fatal1ty is the only gamer to win six CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) championships and is Doom 3's first world champion.

The BBC says he also has an endorsement deal with Creative Labs for gaming accessories and a contract with Abit for Fatal1ty mother boards and video cards. So, in that sense he is very much like a professional athletes with revenues from both game winnings and endorsements. His "golden boy" image comes from the fact that he has stayed away from alcohol, smoking and drugs. He also stays athletic playing non-virtual sports, so he could be a good role-model for kids.

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