Professional Gamers

Jack in the Box Lures Gamers With Prizes (August 24, 2009): Jack in the Box is trying to lure gamers into its fast food restaurants with its latest promotion.

Tetris Tiles For Your Bathroom Floor (September 25, 2008): There are some Tetris inspired tiles available for your kitchen and bathrooms called Tetris Tiles.

Frag is a Documentary about Pro Gaming (August 3, 2008): FRAG is a documentary about the pro gaming industry from independent filmmaker Cohesion Productions.

Birmingham Salvo Wins 2008 CGS Championship (August 1, 2008): Birmingham Salvo defeated San Francisco Optx 22-15 in the 2008 World Final championship match of the Championship Gaming Series (CGS).

Videogame Leagues Get Televised (December 8, 2006): The Red Herring reports that professional game leagues like Major League Gaming (MLG) and the World Series of Video Games (WSVG) are heading to television thanks to deals with television networks like Comcast and CBS.

Frag Doll Finalists Announced (March 27, 2006): Eight finalists have been announced for in the competition to find a new Frag Doll.

Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse Unveiled at CES (January 9, 2006): Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, the leading professional gamer in prize money and endorsement deals, is now designing a new gaming mouse called the Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse.

Fatal1ty Dominates Professional Gaming (December 7, 2005): The International Herald Tribune reports that Johnathan Wendel, also known as Fatal1ty, dominated this year's Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) World Finals and defeated Sander "fnatic.

Blind Teen is a Gaming Whiz (August 2, 2005): Brice Mellen, a blind 17-year-old high-school student living in Nebraska, proves that you need more than sight to excel at video games.

Fatal1ty Continues Winning (July 24, 2005): Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, a well-known professional PC gamer who has been featured recently in Time and ESPN Magazine, won first place, and his 10th major championship, worth $15,000, at the US stop of the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) World Tour.

It's Good to Be the Halo King (June 17, 2005): King Tuur of the Netherlands has battled his way to the top of a double elimination ladder, and ultimately crowned Xbox Live Halo 2 World Champion.

80 Year-Old Woman Wants World Record Title Back (May 30, 2005): Doris Self, of Fort Lauderdale, eats, drinks and sleeps Q*Bert, the classic video game from the early 1980s, practicing day and night.

GameRiot Working With Hot Import Nights (April 4, 2005): GameRiot, which bills itself as the world's largest traveling videogame party, launched its fourth national tour this spring.

VGL Opens National Gaming Tournament (March 22, 2005): The Video Gamers League (VGL), has opened registration for the first season of competition in the National VGL Video Gaming Tournament, a console game tournament.

Girl Gamers Turn Pro (March 11, 2005): PMS Clan, a community of girl gamers, launches their first official pro-tournament season this weekend at MLG Houston in Texas, USA.

E-Sports Commentators Cover Electronic Gaming Competitions (February 18, 2005): Now that electronic gaming and sports games have become popular to have electronic gaming sports leagues and star players it makes sense that virtual game commentators would emerge as well.

The Best Gamer Fatal1ty Has Creative Labs Endorsement Deal (January 28, 2005): The BBC has an interesting article about Jonathan Wendel who is considered the best PC gamer in the world.

Making a Living Playing Video Games (January 13, 2005): It is still a rare occurrence, but some gamers are starting to reap decent monetary rewards from their countless hours of game play.
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