Sony to Launch Grey PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition

Posted on December 4, 2014

Nintendo has unveiled plans to launch a limited edition PlayStation 4 model to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the console. The first PlayStation launched in Japan on December 3, 2014. The special anniversary console will feature the grey PlayStation finish that was found on the original PlayStation console. The anniversary edition will be sold in a commemorative box.

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios, writes in a blog post about how unexpected a game console was from Sony in 90s. He says, "20 years is a long time! In 1994, many outsiders thought that Sony was slightly crazy to launch the original PlayStation into an incredibly competitive gaming market. Who could blame them? Sony was (and is!) famous for engineering great electronics, audio equipment and many other consumer devices. But game consoles?!"

Sony says it will only sell 12,300 units of the limited edition grey PS4 worldwide. CNET reports that the special PS4 will cost $499 in the U.S. It is not clear how many units will be sold in the U.S. It has also not yet been revealed where the special PS4 units will be available for purchase.

Sony also released this video that shows the grey console being slowly unboxed on a table. The console also features grey controllers. Some people commenting on the video wish the grey console would be a permanent additional color option instead of just a limited model. Take a look:

Sony's PlayStation gaming console remains a hit 20 years later. The PS4 launched in 2013 and garnered 1 million pre-orders before going on sale. Sony has sold over 13.5 million PS4 units to date.

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