Bully Complaints Put Rockstar Under Fire Again

Posted on August 10, 2005

Rockstar is under fire for complaints about a new game coming out in October called Bully. Rockstar says they expect the game to get an adult rating but Liz Carnell, director of Bullying Online, is concerned children will still access the game. She told the BBC that bullying is not a suitable theme for a game.
Rockstar was not available for comment, but Bullying Online said it had been told previously by a company spokeswoman that the game should not cause concern.

She reportedly said its content would be no worse than the Just William series, Richmal Crompton's tales about a mischievous young schoolboy which was turned into a teatime television drama.

Rockstar has invited Bullying Online to New York to see the game for themselves.

Last week youth group Peaceaholics staged a protest outside Rockstar's headquarters there in protest at plans to release Bully.

The comes out October 15, 2005. Gamers play a kid who has been bullied and seeks revenge.
Welcome to the fictional Bullworth Academy where you play a troubled schoolboy named Jimmy in reform school who tries to stand up to bullies, gets picked on by teachers, plays pranks on annoying kids from all over campus, and even tries to pursue a love interest.
Rockstar is no stranger to controversy. These latest complaints about Rockstar follow the outpouring of complaints about the hidden explicit sex acts found in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that led to Congress requesting a federal investigation into Rockstar.

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