Rent a MMORPG Character

Posted on June 15, 2005

Some gamers want to skip the beginning part of online worlds that require an often time intensive phase where they try to build a character up to higher levels. GamePal is an online service that lets you rent MMORPG characters for 14 different online games including Anarchy Online, City of Heroes, Everquest, Lineage 2, Star Wars Galaxies and World of Warcraft. The character accounts have been pre-played and built up to higher levels so they are an attractive option for "lazy" gamers that don't want to struggle through game play at novice and low levels. Here is GamePal's description of the account rental service:
Our rental service allows you to rent accounts for "multi massive online role playing games". Renting accounts means you have the option of trying different classes/races/genders/servers etc. without worrying about owning an account. If you want to use the character for a raid, show off to your friends or just to have fun on your spare time, then maybe renting an account instead of buying an account is the best decision for you.
Another option Gamepal offers for people that want to improve their own character's levels, skills and stats without doing the work themselves is the Power-Leveling service. Here is how Gamepal describes this service:
Not only do we level up your characters, but we level up your character skills, complete quests, kill high level mobs, and we also give you free loot (currency/items). All the loot remains on your account that we loot off random mobs. We also make sure nobody knows that your account is being power-leveled during the process.