Elder Scrolls Online Siege Cinematic Trailer (April 4, 2014): The Elder Scrolls Online released this siege cinematic trailer to celebrate the launch of the PC/MAC version of the game.

Lego Introduces Two New Lego Minecraft Sets at Comic-Con (July 21, 2013): Lego introduced two new Lego Minecraft sets at Comic-Con. They care called The Village and The Nether.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Set for December 20, 2011 Launch (September 24, 2011): Electronic Arts, BioWare and LucasArts have announced the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO will launch in North American on December 20, 2011.

Gold Farming Now a $3 Billion Industry (April 17, 2011): It takes a great deal of time and effort to build up characters in online role playing games, such as World of Warcraft.

Gala-Net Partners With CJ to Launch Prius in U.S. (August 16, 2010): Gala-Net, a publisher of free online games, has entered an agreement with Korean-based developer and publisher CJ Internet.

Star Trek Online Screenshots (July 30, 2009): Here are a couple screenshots from the upcoming Star Trek online world.

Virtual Worlds Worth One Billion (April 17, 2007): An article in the BBC says that analysts Screen Digest believe the valuation of MMOs and online worlds has passed the $1 billion mark.

Gold Farming Regulation in South Korea? (January 4, 2007): You've probably heard of the concept of gold farming where companies hire people to gather gold and weapons in MMORPGs which they then resell.

Whedon's Firefly to Become MMORPG (December 11, 2006): The Multiverse Network, Inc.

WOW Builds Worldwide Audience (September 11, 2006): U.

Self-Governing Could Limit Griefing (June 26, 2006): The Guardian has a great article about griefers and what gamers and game developers are doing about them.

The Busy Team (June 16, 2006): The MapWoW Team created the impressive MapWoW.

RuneScape Generates Buzz (June 13, 2006): Yahoo's Buzz Log reports that the RuneScape MMORPG, which offers a free web browser version, is generating a lot of buzz and search activity.

All Game Genres Soon to Have Persistent Online Worlds (May 31, 2006): MSNBC.

Cyber Criminals Targeting Gamers (May 19, 2006): Spammers and criminals always try and ruin everyone's fun and online gaming is no exception.

World of Warcraft Adds Weather (April 6, 2006): MTV reports that the World of Warcraft is adding a realistic weather element to the game.

When an MMORPG Dies (January 6, 2006): Asheron Call 2 (AC2) was shut down on December 30th.

Warcraft Breaks 5 Million Mark as Video Game Sales Slump (December 20, 2005): The number of World of Warcraft subscribers has passed the 5 million mark.

Working in China's Gold Farming Factories (December 12, 2005): Today's online worlds in massively online roleplyaing games are very popular.

Joystiq Launches WOW Blog (December 6, 2005): You know a game (World of Warcraft) has gotten pretty big when AOL's Weblogs, Inc.