Frag Doll Finalists Announced

Posted on March 27, 2006

Frag Dolls

Eight finalists have been announced for in the competition to find a new Frag Doll. The Frag Dolls are a group of blogging girl gamers sponsored by Ubisoft. Ubisoft is seeking a new member for the group.

CNET reports that the new Frag Doll will be chosen in April after auditions and gaming competitions. The competition is down to eight finalists. CNET says some of the finalists include "Nin9tyNin9, a 'Halo 2' and 'Quake 3' fan from Phoenix, and PerfectDark, a killer 'Ghost Recon 2' player from Brooklyn."

Ubisoft is running auditions and gaming competitions to determine the winner. The article also says that will be filming the auditions to produce a web-based reality-series. No word on win this show will be available, however.

Image: Ubisoft