PlayStation's Virtual World Called Home Debuts

Posted on December 17, 2008

PlayStation Home Screenshot

PlayStation Home is a 3-D gaming community for PlayStation 3 that debuted this week. The concept is not new as we have seen virtual worlds like Second Life before. However, Home is a big new entry from a major game developer and console provider.

NBC News reviewer Winda Benedetti calls Home a "theater of the absurd" in her review. She also says it is a "testosterone-fueled meat market" because men greatly outnumber the women. However, Winda Benedetti also said the virtual world is a fascinating experiment.

Benedetti says, "It is absorbing, cool and frequently hilarious. But it also feels, at times, like a world where the madhouse inmates have been set free to run amok."

Director for PlayStation Home Jack Buser gave a detailed 24-minute behind-the-scenes look at PlayStation Home to GameStop. Take a look:

Image: Sony

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