Players Passionate About Scrabulous

Posted on March 5, 2008


Scrabulous is an online version of the popular board game Scrabble. In Scrabulous players generally play with a ten minute time clock that ticks down while they are playing. There are also even shorter games with a quick five minute clock. Players can ask for more time in any game. Scrabulous automatically verifies words so their is no squabbling about whether or not a word is legitimate. The game keeps a player's stats including how many games they have won and lost and what their rating is.

The popular viral game has 700,000 daily players and nearly three million registered users according to the New York Times. The Times says, "Fans of the game are obsessive. They play against friends, co-workers, family members and strangers, and many have several games going at once."

Hasbro owns the rights to the Scrabble board game in the U.S. and Mattel owns it outside North America. They are threatening legal action against the two Calcutta brothers who created the game, Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla.

Scrabulous received a boost when a Facebook application was created for the game. The Times article says some eager players play multiple games at a time. The two brothers who created the game are making advertising revenues from the game. Since it is based on the Scrabble board game it will be interesting to see what happens between the Agarwalla brothers and Hasbro and Mattel. Hopefully, they will come up with a smart solution that allows this amazingly popular game to continue.