Casual Games

Scrabulous No Longer Available on Facebook (July 29, 2008): The popular Scrabulous game on Facebook has been disabled reports the New York Times' Bits blog.

Players Passionate About Scrabulous (March 5, 2008): Scrabulous is an online version of the popular board game Scrabble.

EA Announces First Hasbro Titles in Development (February 15, 2008): EA Casual Entertainment has announced its initial slate of Hasbro games in development on a variety of game consoles.

Facebook Told to Take Down Scrabulous (January 18, 2008): The BBC reports that Mattel and Hasbro have asked Facebook to remove a third party application called Scrabulous.

Bob Ross: The Video Game (April 5, 2006): Bob Ross: The Video Game was going to be a reality until it was cancelled. No happy little trees.
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