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Nintendo DS Becomes Spy Gadget in Movie (July 10, 2006): In the October film Stormbreaker (The Weinstein Company) a teenage spy named Alex Rider (played by Alex Pettyfer) turns his Hot Rod Red Nintendo DS into a spy gadet.

Some Gamers Don't Like Wii (May 3, 2006): There are some gamers who strongly dislike Nintendo's recent decision to call the next version of Nintendo, the Nintendo Wii.

Nintendo Revolution Becomes Wii (May 2, 2006): Nintendo Revolution has announced that the name of the next generation will by Wii and not Nintendo Revolution.

Nintendo Vows to Keep Revolution Game Prices Low (April 3, 2006): CNN reports that Nintendo has vowed to keep prices low on the next generation of their gaming system, Nintendo Revolution.

Game Consoles Going Digital (March 28, 2006): Next generation game consoles like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution are all adding or planning digital distribution and social networking capabilities.

Jared Fogle Blames Nintendo for Weight Gain (January 23, 2006): Jared Fogle, who was made popular for his Subway Diet, has said that it was the Nintendo that started him on the sedentary lifestyle that led to his weight gain.

Revolution and PS3 This Year? (January 19, 2006): A Gamespot.

Nintendo to Announce Revolution Next May (November 29, 2005): The Register reports that Nintendo will make an announcement ahead of the next E3 games conference on May 9, 2006 about its next games system called Nintendo Revolution.

Mario and Ronald McDonald Kick Off Nintendo Wi-Fi Service (November 14, 2005): Mario and Ronald McDonald in a McDonald's restaurant in Chicago kicked off the debut of the Nintendo Wi-Fi service that will be available in McDonald's restaurants.

Nintendo Unveils Nintendo Revolution Controller (September 19, 2005): At the Tokyo Game Show's annual event, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unveiled the controller for the upcoming Nintendo Revolution.

Self-publishing Comes to Games (June 20, 2005): Self-published books can become popular if they are good enough and spread by word of mouth.

Playstation and Nintendo Join Consule War (May 18, 2005): The Xbox 360 display on MTV may have kicked off the consule war but PlayStation and Nintendo intend on joining the battle.

Giant Nintendo Store Opening (April 6, 2005): Can't get enough Nintendo? Then the giant the Nintendo World Store might be the place for you.

Fake Nintendo Job Listing Attracts Real Bounty Hunters (February 9, 2005): Nintendo received scary, serious applications about a job posting on Monster.

Dual Display Fun with Nintendo's New Handheld (November 22, 2004): Nintendo's new handheld, the Nintendo DS, offers dual screens (with one touch activated screen) to bring something new to the gaming world.
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