Nintendo Introduces Wii Fit

Posted on July 20, 2007

Nintendo announced Wii Fit at the recent 2007 E3 Media & Business Summit. Wii Fit is a very interesting attempt to encourage people to engage in exercise and fitness routines using the Wii. Wii Fit uses a specially designed Wii Balance Board to allow people to engage in interactive fitness games and exercises.

Nintendo says the Wii Balance Board is pressure-sensitive and be used fro aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches and games. Nintendo says, "family members will have fun staying active and talking about and comparing their results and progress on a new channel on the Wii Menu."

Wired's Game|Life says the U.S. will not see a Wii Fit release this year - only Japan will have a 2007 Wii Fit release. It looks like 2008 for Wii Fit in the U.S.

The video below offers the best explanation of Wii Fit -- sometimes you have to see it to be able to understand the concept.

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