Zoo Publishing to Make Silly Bandz Video Game

Posted on July 18, 2010

Zoo Publishing has announced it is working with Silly Bandz to create and publish a video game based on the popular rubber band accessories. The new video game, Silly Bandz, will be released on the iPhone and iTouch in September and on Nintendo DS in the 2010 holiday season. Silly Bandz has created a $100 million toy empire with its small rubber collectable bracelets.

"Silly Bandz is a fun, family friendly brand," said Mark Seremet, Chief Executive Officer of Zoo Games. "We've always focused on offering a timely, solid line of family friendly video games, so we're delighted to partner with a popular brand such as Silly Bandz. Zoo continues to demonstrate its ability to move nimbly in the marketplace and participate quickly in emerging consumer trends."

Here's the trailer:

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