Healthy Games

Gaming Addiction Disorder Included in New International Classification of Diseases (June 20, 2018): The World Health Organization has included gaming disorder as a disease in the latest International Classification of Diseases.

iTech Fitness Opens 50th XRKade Location (June 18, 2008): Nintendo has focused on fitness with Wii Fit but this is for home use.

Wii Fit Will Be Released May 19th (March 10, 2008): Unfit Wii players don't have to wait too much longer to get "fit" or at least to achieve Wii balance.

Nintendo Introduces Wii Fit (July 20, 2007): Nintendo announced Wii Fit at the recent 2007 E3 Media & Business Summit.

Video Game Skills Connected to Surgery Skills (February 22, 2007): A strange new study found that video game skills may correlate with some surgical skills.

Dance Dance Revolution Games Placed in West Virginia Schools (January 26, 2006): West Virginia will be adding Dance Dance Revolution games to public schools in an effort to fight obesity and diabetes.

Jared Fogle Blames Nintendo for Weight Gain (January 23, 2006): Jared Fogle, who was made popular for his Subway Diet, has said that it was the Nintendo that started him on the sedentary lifestyle that led to his weight gain.

Play Games and Get in Shape (January 3, 2005): If fitness is one of your new year's resolutions and you also like playing video games you may be in luck.