New PS4 Could Arrive in Time for 2016 Holidays

Posted on March 28, 2016

There are rumors that an upgraded, more powerful PlayStation 4 is in the works. Not only this but the new PS4 could arrive in time for the 2016 holidays. The reason for this is the October release of the PlayStation VR headset.

The new PS4 is being called the PS4.5. Kotaku reports that it would support high-end 4K resolution games. The boost in processing power would help with games designed to work with the PS VR (pictured above).

As many gamers are well aware virtual reality appears to be the next big phase of gaming. Major devices include the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive and Sony's PlayStation VR. Sony recently announced that its headset will arrive in October and cost $399.

The Wall Street Journal also has a story about a new PS4. It says the current PS4 and the rumored PS4.5 will share the same game catalog which is good news for current PS4 owners. However, it also says "existing PlayStation 4 owners would need to buy the new model to take full advantage of the enhanced graphics and power."

With Sony already asking gamers to shell out $399 for the VR headset it could crimp holiday sales of the headset if gamers feel an upgrade is necessary. Sony's headset is priced lower than the competition but the need for a new console would remove its price advantage.

High prices may already mean 2016 won't be the year VR gaming really takes off. 2017 or 2018 may more likely be the year when competition begins to drive prices down and VR gaming matures. In the meantime there will finally be some attractive virtual realty devices and games in stores this holiday for those willing to spend the money.

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