MTV Acquires Harmonix

Posted on November 10, 2006

Guitar Hero 2

MTV is entering the music game business. MTV is acquiring Harmonix, a developer of music video games including Guitar Hero -- a highly praised guitar simulator game for the Playstation 2.

New York Times is reporting that this deal is more than just MTV slapping its logo on the next Guitar Hero game. It could involve new virtual worlds and mobile services.

MTV president Christina Norman told the Times, "It is about people coming to MTV who are passionate about music and wanting to interact on deeper and deeper levels. It's not just about wearing the T-shirt."

Guitar Hero II, the sequel to Guitar Hero was just released by publisher RedOctane for the PS2. It can be found at GameStop and The acquisition is a smart move by MTV because it gives them an entrance into the video game market that is also music related and relevant to their audience. MTV also recently acquired Atom Entertainment which published web games on the website.

Photo: RedOctane