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Ariana Grande Coming to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as Playable Character (January 5, 2017): Ariana Grande will be a playable character in Brave Exvius.

Linkin Park and Danger Close Games Announce Medal of Honor Warfighter Cross-Collaboration (September 11, 2012): Danger Close Games, a division of Electronic Arts, and Linkin Park have announced a cross-collaboration.

Katy Perry Talks About Her Sims 3 Showtime Video Game (March 10, 2012): Katy Perry stars in a new The Sims game, called Sims 3 Showtime Katy Perry Collector's Edition.

Ubisoft Releases List of Some of Songs in Michael Jackson Game (August 20, 2010): Ubisoft will release its Michael Jackson video game, Michael Jackson The Experience, this fall.

Sales for Beatles Rock Band Not Huge (October 22, 2009): When the Beatles Rock Band video game hit stores last month there was high hopes it would boost game sales.

MTV Acquires Harmonix (November 10, 2006): MTV is entering the music game business.

Jay-Z, Reebok and EA's NBA Live 07 (October 9, 2006): Jay-Z is suddenly a talented basketball player -- at least in the video game world.

Aly and AJ Sing in Simlish (August 18, 2006): Electronic Arts announced that the music from the teen music group Aly & AJ has been translated into Simlish, the native language of the Sims.

Video Games and Symphony Music (August 4, 2006): CBS News has an intersting article about symphony music that is being composed for computer games.

EA to Sell Game Music on iTunes (November 7, 2005): MTV.

50 Cent Game Packed With 50 Cent Songs (November 3, 2005): Rapper 50 Cent has loaded his upcoming video game called 50 Cent Bulletproof with 50 Cent music including some new songs.

Bands Write Songs for Fantastic Four Game (May 3, 2005): Four bands have written and recorded original tracks specifically for the lead characters in a video game.

New 50 Cent Video Game (March 10, 2005): No.
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